What is Foam Insulation? Is it Really Possible?

What is Foam Insulation? Is it just a myth? The answer to that question will surprise you.

what is Foam Insulation

A bad idea? Is it really not possible to create a barrier between the mattress box?

So what is it then? Foam is just a foam, that is what foam is a foam, but what about its name?

Foam insulation is a foam, it is not a hard layer of some other material, it is just that, a foam, the foam is used in the production of mattresses. It is almost as hard as the foam in the packaging material, which you use when you buy something.

To create this foam is relatively easy, to give foam insulation the shape it requires foam is melted, under pressure of the foam, is pressed into the shape it requires. The result is a thickfiberglasss foam used for the insulation.

There are other methods, the shapes, and the sizes can be defined by computer with computers now available in most households. To produce a box of foam is just as easy, and is often far cheaper.

The question is not what is Foam Insulation, but what is the use of foam insulation is it just a myth? The answer to that question is simple.

When your mattress is new and is not yet saturated with water or moisture it acts like a sponge and holds on to moisture. As time goes by the foam will actually absorb water from the air which would otherwise soak into the mattress. Eventually the water you are sleeping on will be absorbed into the foam.

For some years people have been saying that if you use enough foam you can get a good night’s sleep with no mattresses to use, and that is true, because if you cover all the mattress, if you are using traditional boxes, you will end up with nothing to protect your back from a cold winter night. A hard plastic sheet between your mattress and the wall is required if you sleep on a bed.

Without foam in the mattresses they are virtually useless, and in fact they are not used any more, because in a bedroom the bed is the only thing between you and the cold. They are basically a waste of money, and you might consider replacing them with mattresses made of foam.

You can check out the foam factory in Devon and buy a foam box that you can fill with water, or other fluid and seal around the top. This will help the water to travel up the mattress.

If you want to buy foam insulation see what you can find in the area. It may not be expensive at all.